What You Don’t Know About Me

They say the best way to lose or alienate friends and business associates is to discuss sex, religion and politics. And this was before the internet came along.  
Some of the most heated discussions I see online are related to at least one of the three topics.  These topics divide us, they cause us to sometimes see things in black and white and people can get extremely defensive and belligerent when discussing them.
While there have been times in the past where I have discussed such items, these days I make a conscious effort to avoid doing so.  My online presence is ultimately a sales tool to encourage people to buy my books, come to my seminars and maintain interest in my career. If I go off on political rants against the left or the right, or slam certain religions, I immediately alienate half of my audience.  I’m certainly not neutral in many of these topics, but they hold little value to my career and openly discussing them is counterproductive.  I won’t change people’s minds as much as they won’t change mine. 
My friends and family know my stances and that is all that matters.  My personal beliefs are just that. MY beliefs. I don’t need validation from others to maintain these beliefs and won’t suddenly change them because someone does not approve.  I research everything I post and don’t forward random meme’s with half-truths and fallacies.  While there is a significant amount of information about me available online, you will find very little about my political ideals and religious beliefs. Although these are part of my personality, they are not part of my online persona. My career is not in religion or politics, so I don’t feel discussing it in public is beneficial to my career path.   Do certain people and groups in politics or religion make me insane? Certainly. Do I have my own opinions and gripes? Without a doubt.  I just make my voice heard in other ways. 
If you are a creator, be warned that discussing these topics openly in public can be extremely divisive among your audience.  

Yours guardedly,


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