Shell Shocked

The last forty-eight hours or so have been a little surreal. On Monday night I posted the Star Wars Haiku blog I had been working on for a few days.  By the end of today, it had been viewed thousands of times and has been mentioned on dozens of websites across the world, including the official Star Wars website.  I’ve received hundreds of emails and comments of encouragement (and a few “you suck” posts). 

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check it out. It was a fun little project and a nice change of pace from my other projects.   

I’m already taking notes for The Empire Strikes Back and I’ll hopefully start that in the next week or so.   In the meantime, I have deadlines to meet and need to get back to my other projects.   Watch this space and we’ll return to a galaxy far, far away very soon!

When Star Wars made bank

A sequel was then ordered

Here we go again!

Yours virally!


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