A Galaxy Not So Far Away

I love Star Wars. I am not ashamed to admit that. I have done so since my first memory. I was three when the first movie came out and it has been a part of my life ever since. As a child it was action figures, t-shirts and watching the movies on repeat. As an adult, it is more action figures, more t-shirts and watching the movies on repeat.  The one thing that is different is that I have taken my love to the next level. Costuming.  I love cosplay and costuming.  I love building costumes and going out into the world and making people happy.  

There is a lot of drama in cosplay, but I make the conscious choice to stay out of it.  I’m too old for drama.  I joined the 501st so I could work on costumes with other like-minded fans and share my love of Star Wars with others.   Anytime the drama gets to me, I do a 501st troop to Phoenix Children’s Hospital or similar and then none of it matters. That was the reason I got into Star Wars costuming to begin with. I love Star Wars, I love cosplay, I love costuming and I love making people of all ages smile. I am part of the Star Wars, zombie and Steampunk communities and the drama is everywhere. I don’t care who has a better costume than me or who has a worse one. I don’t care who looks better, who has bigger boobs or if they are screen accurate. We are adults who dress up as fictional characters, have fun, make yourself happy and make others happy. It’s simple really.

Star Wars costuming was obvious choice if I really thought about.  It just took me a while to get there. I am currently working on a Biker Scout and Old Republic Trooper. When the new movies come out I’m sure I will find something else to inspire. This is only the beginning.





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