Out With The Old

 This past Sunday, I said goodbye to my old house. I had lived there for almost 15 years.  The person who closed the door is not the same person who walked into it back in 2001.  This ​​house has seen me at my absolute worst. It has seen me at my most depressed. It has seen me at my angriest. It has seen me go through bad relationships and friendships.  It has seen dreams crushed. It has seen me at rock bottom with nothing left to live for and no desire to go on.  It has seen me overdosed and on death’s door. But, most importantly, it has seen me at my absolute happiest and that is the person I am as I leave for the last time.  The person who closed the door is now happily married, a father, a published writer and I’m happy with my life and I have new dreams and goals.

So here I am turning the key for the very last time. The symbolism of what this means is not lost on me.  Here I say goodbye to the old me. To my former marriage that should never have happened, to my former writing partner I should never have gone into business with and to old dreams that never came to fruition.

And off I drive to new dreams, to my wonderful wife and amazing daughter and my happy ever after I never thought I’d live to see. 

Out with the old….

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