Craig and the Godfather of the Dead

Today, after thirty years of waiting, I finally had the privilege of meeting George A. Romero.  Mr. Romero created “Night of the Living Dead” back in 1968 and it changed my life from the moment I first saw it. Romero’s zombies were violent flesh eaters and the genre would forever feel his mark.  He has been a huge influence on my writing.  “Blood Splatter” would never have existed without George. “Don’t Make Me Come Down There” would not exist without George.  Today I had the immense pleasure of finally being able to meet him and thank him. 

He signed a Greek DVD cover of “Diary of the Dead” and we joked about neither one of us could translate it and that I couldn’t even play it on my DVD player. I was also able to give him a copy of “Blood Splatter”.  I am still beaming.  My zombie journey is now complete.

Yours over the moon,


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