Full Speed Ahead

Following the awful start to the year, I have finally been able to hit full stride with my creating.  

I finally wrapped up the final draft of “Don’t Make Me Come Down There”.  It’s about 9,000 words shorter and a lot tighter than previous drafts. I have submitted to a horror publisher I have admired for a while. The book is a tough sell. It’s too gory for humor publishers and too humorous for horror publishers.  Still, I am proud of the final book and fingers crossed it finds a home.  

I have also jumped into Comicones with both feet.  What started as inconsequential doodles for my daughter, has grown into something bigger.   Much bigger.  I have created well over a hundred characters so far, spanning multiple franchises and it’s becoming what I hoped the Butch G. Cat could have been.  As most of my ideas for that project were scrapped or rejected on principle that they were simply mine, I can bring this project to light on the manner I had hoped for Butch G. Cat.  I have free books in development as well as dozens of new designs.   I’m very pleased to put my stamp on this.  The new website is currently in development and I will be launching it in the coming weeks when I have figured out some animation issues.  It’s nice working on a project when I’m not getting steamrolled for presenting ideas for no other reason than they were mine.  My eventual goal is to reach out to the franchise owners in the hopes of gaining official licensing. That is a lofty goal, but hey, aim high or don’t bother. Once I’ve built up the world and shown there is value there, who knows where it can lead.  I have a franchise mission statement I am tightening up.

As far as writing goes, I have two books in active development. “The Sentinel War” and an unnamed book on internet etiquette. 

Yours creatively,


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