Round Two: Fight!

“Angel Askew” a.k.a “Don’t Make Me Come Down There” a.k.a. “God Just Wanted To Play Golf” is done. And I mean finished.  Multiple drafts, multiple rewrites, multiple sleepless nights.  That was the easy part. Now the hard part is getting it out to the world.

The reviews I received from my test audience are promising. These are people with no vested reason to say they like it and as a result I got some great feedback.  While it isn’t easy, seeing how others see your work is important.  You need to know how it will be received.  The book is now more polished than it has ever been and I couldn’t be happier with it.  Happy to the point where I have started the sequel. 

Now, I just need to find a publisher and or agent who is looking for something off the beaten path. Someone who can laugh at death, demons, the apocalypse and even God.  The audience exists, does the publisher?

So why the Mortal Kombat title?  I have no idea, I just heard it on TV while I was writing.  Deep, huh?

Yours distractedly (yep, that is a word now)


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