Seventy-eight Months Later

No, it’s not the fourth generation sequel to 28 Days Later. As much as I would love to write a zombie movie, this is not it (my Return of the Living Dead reboot script, however is about 80% done. Because we know Hollywood loves spec scripts, right?)

What is seventy-eight months later is the length into my writing career of consecutive book sales.  Seventy-eight months of month after month of consecutive book sales. Just in case you did not know what consecutive means.  Blogging: educational and informative.

Had you told me June 2011 when pre-sales started on Blood Splatter that over six years later, my books would still be selling, I would never have believed you. I’ve defied the odds of self-publishing, but now the big challenge arises.  God Just Wanted To Play Golf.  I don’t want to self-publish this if I can avoid it. I need to get this out to a big audience. Maybe One hundred seventy-eight months isn’t impossible?  Or it could be a really col zombie movie.

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