Very, A Very Lazy Word

The whole point to writing is to help the reader visualize the word you are building. They can’t see exactly what you’re seeing, so the clearer and more creative your writing can be, the closer their vision will come to yours.   So, here’s a writer’s tip. Stop using the word “Very”.

“Very” is a lazy word to use for emphasis. There are so many other adverbs you can use in its place to create richer text and a clearer visual. 

In the 105,000 words I poured into God Just Wanted to Play Golf, do you know how many times I used the word “very”?   Fourteen. And twelve of those were in dialogue.  The two remaining uses were intentional.  The next time you pick up a quill or sit down at your keyboard, really think about some of the words you use. Is there something better?

Yours very er… really thoughtfully,


*Note to self, find a better word than “really”.

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