Dr. Saville’s Horror Show

Something amazing happened on Feb 24th and April 1st. Our first two test screenings of Dr. Saville’s Horror Show were held at Pollack Cinemas in Tempe to a full house and glowing reviews. We have a few tweaks to make based on audience feedback. We are currently working on distribution and will be announcing the release date here soon!

Dr. Saville’s Horror Show to Premiere February 24th

Great news, horror fans! After a longer than planned development slowed down by a limited budget and a global pandemic that made shooting a challenge with social distancing, I am excited to announce that our premiere for “Dr. Saville’s Horror Show” will be held in Tempe next month. This is a huge deal for me. I have wanted to be a screen writer since I was a child. It took longer than I expected, but here we are!

Comicones are coming back as NFT’s

It’s been a while since I’ve made any updates on Comicones. The project is still alive and well and I’ve been working on new designs. However, to preserve and promote the uniqueness the brand is built upon, I’ve decided to release the designs as NFT’s. This means every design will be available to purchase and own outright for you to do with as you so wish.

Come follow me at https://rarible.com/comicones/ New designs are being added daily. I expect to have over 1000 designs including individual characters and group designs.

The only designs for now that will not be available are my Star Trek, and Jay and Silent Bob designs as they are licenses through CBS and Secret Stash Inc. respectively.

“Lucifer Just Wanted To Pet Kittens” Update

I’m currently working feverishly on the final draft of Lucifer Just Wanted To Pet Kittens. It’s taking a bit longer to finish than I hoped, but I want to get it right first time. I’m hoping it will be out by the end of the year, if not, it won’t be long after. I am so close, and it’s currently coming in around 105,000 words. I’m really happy how the story has come together. For those of you who wanted to see more of God and Heaven, you won’t be disappointed.

Star Wars Pin Collecting: FigPin

So my latest pin obsession is FigPins. These are roughly 3″ tall original illustrated pins in a plastic collectors case. While the series features pins from multiple franchises, my focus is of course Star Wars and as of August 11th they have released 44 Star Wars pins. This includes all exclusives and variants.

The quality of these pins is outstanding and the presentation is top notch, however the series is plagued by exclusives, variants and limited editions which naturally sell out fast and far too many end up on the reseller market instead of the hands of the collectors. If you want your collection to be complete, be prepared to shell out up to 5x retail price to scalpers. This is not going to be a cheap collection to complete.

But all gripes about exclusives aside, the quality of these pins really is second to none. This is a company that takes a considerable amount of pride in its product and it shows. Each pin has a unique serial number and can be registered in the FigPin official app. I think this is what irritates me so much about the scalping is that FigPin has put so much love and care into their product that it kinda sucks that they are in the hands of scalpers rather than collectors. More pins are scheduled to be arriving in the coming months.

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