Lost Souls Alchemy Edition

The limited edition run of Lost Souls Alchemy Edition was made available at the Arizona Comicbook Arts Festival (AZCAF) on February 25th. This release offered a sneak preview of the upcoming Lost Souls comic book series.

Lost Souls is written by Craig W. Chenery based on a story by Kevin R. Phipps, illustrated and inked by Ron Montoya, and colored by Kevin R. Phipps. Lost Souls issue 1 will be available September, 2023.

Dr. Saville’s Horror Show Update

Two weeks ago we wrapped production on the third and final story in Dr. Saville’s Horror Show. Yesterday I finished the first draft of the wraparound script with the goal of starting filming in early February.

We are currently working on a prequel comic book series and I finished the second draft of the first issue last week. Once we lock the script down we can get it to our artist and I can finish up the final three issues.

Speaking of comic books, I’m in the process of drafting out a 12 issue prequel story to Blade of the S.A.M.U.R.A.I. It’s been really exciting getting back to writing for these characters.

I have lots coming down the pipeline next year, and 2020 will see me busier than ever with my writing. Two screenplays, two comics and two novels. Now, if I can only remember to keep my blog updated. Maybe I can even get some more subscribers!