1996 – Married… With Children: “Singing to a Different Fortune” – Co-Authored with Danny Renfroe (represented unoptioned teleplay)
1997 – Butterfinger– Co-written with Danny Renfroe ( represented unoptioned screenplay)
2008 – Blood Brothers – Script Doctor (optioned screenplay)
2011 – The Butch G. Cat Movie Co-written with Danny Renfroe (optioned but stalled in development)
2021 – Dr. Saville’s Horror Show – Screenwriter and Producer (In post-production)
2022- Apex Blade Co-written with Kevin R. Phipps (in pre-production)
2022 – Untitled creature feature Co-written with Kevin R. Phipps (in development)
2022 – God Just Wanted to Play Golf (in development)
2022 – Trading Grandma (in development)

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