Dr. Saville Reviews are Arriving

Our first review for Dr. Saville’s Horror Show has been published courtesy of Morbidly Beautiful, calling it ‘a solid anthology with great practical effects and three unique and compelling tales of terror’.

You can read the full review here.

Lost Souls Alchemy Edition

The limited edition run of Lost Souls Alchemy Edition was made available at the Arizona Comicbook Arts Festival (AZCAF) on February 25th. This release offered a sneak preview of the upcoming Lost Souls comic book series.

Lost Souls is written by Craig W. Chenery based on a story by Kevin R. Phipps, illustrated and inked by Ron Montoya, and colored by Kevin R. Phipps. Lost Souls issue 1 will be available September, 2023.

Dr. Saville’s Horror Show coming April 4th

I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Saville’s Horror Show will be released April 4th on across all VOD/Streaming, including Cable & Satellite VOD. The trailer is coming soon! Watch this space!

Dr. Saville’s Horror Show Wins Best Horror At The Worldwide Women’s Film Festival

I’m very pleased to announce that Dr. Saville’s Horror Show has won best film at the Worldwide Women’s Film festival in Scottsdale. This is our eight win so far. Congratulations to the Dr. Saville team!