“God Just Wanted To Play Golf” Reissue Update

The reissue of God Just Wanted To Play Golf will be released December 3rd. This new edition has received a meticulous review for spelling, grammar, punctuation and clarity. Additionally, it will be available in hardcover for the first time.

God Just Wanted To Play Golf reissue

In the coming weeks, God Just Wanted To Play Golf will be receiving a reissue. This is a new edit that addresses numerous issues with the previously released versions.

The book has had a little bit of a bumpy road to release with both a failed release from a less than honest publisher to a self published edit with far too many mistakes that I didn’t catch. Issues have included confusing dialogue where the reader isn’t sure who is talking, punctuation and grammatical errors, duplicated words, hung paragraphs and spelling mistakes. In short it looked amateur.

While feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for the story, I have received feedback on the edit, which I take full responsibility for. Even with the failed publisher.

My wish is to get a copy of the book into the world that I am proud of. I value every person who has given the book a chance and I’m sorry the previous edits weren’t up to par. I’m working hard to make sure the edition I release will both be the final version and the version I am most proud of. I have not changed the story in any way. The ending is the same and the character journeys are the same. This is just spit and polish that the book has needed for a couple of years.

I have used this experience to ensure that the first release of Lucifer Just Wanted To Pet Kittens is the best it can be.

Thank you again to everyone who has read it, and to those who may want to give it chance. I am working hard to be a better author.


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“Lucifer Just Wanted To Pet Kittens” Update

I’m currently working feverishly on the final draft of Lucifer Just Wanted To Pet Kittens. It’s taking a bit longer to finish than I hoped, but I want to get it right first time. I’m hoping it will be out by the end of the year, if not, it won’t be long after. I am so close, and it’s currently coming in around 105,000 words. I’m really happy how the story has come together. For those of you who wanted to see more of God and Heaven, you won’t be disappointed.

“Lucifer Just Wanted To Pet Kittens” Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my site. As with everyone else, 2020 has been blah. One day I have an insane amount of energy to create, and other days I barely have the energy to get out of bed. The year has taken a considerable toll on my mental health. The current election certainly is not helping. There has to be a light at the end of the rainbow, right? Yes, I know that is not the saying.

In a rare moment of creativity, I finished the cover to “Lucifer Just Want To Pet Kittens”.

An Empowered Production

The four core producers of Logi Lunar Productions are very privileged to have strong, talented women in our lives, and in our social and professional circles. This has brought an amazing level of quality and skill to the production of Dr. Saville’s Horror Show.

60% of the cast and crew of the movie is female. Not because we had a quota to fill, but because we picked the people most qualified to the do the job, and the numbers happened to fall that way. During the writing process, I was cognizant of not falling into the typical 3-1, 5-1 or in the case of the original Star Wars trilogy’s case 12-1 male to female ratio. I don’t want anything I write to fall into a cliche. Equal gender representation is as critical to me as any part of the story. In a world where over 50% of the population is female, having one in five characters female makes zero sense.

We can’t wait to show you the fruits of our labors. I’m damn proud of what we’re accomplishing, and the fact we’ve done it against the typical Hollywood patriarchal blueprint makes it that much more special for me. I’m a strong supporter of equality and I’ve always been surrounded with strong females and role models. This has extended into my writing and some of my favorite characters I’ve written have been female. It makes sense that my first feature length production continues this important part of my life.