Robot Chicken – Sketch One: The Continuing Adventures of Thanos

One of my dreams is to write for Robot Chicken. And while I face a reality where that most likely won’t happen, please enjoy some of the skits I’ve written.

“The Continuing Adventures of Thanos”

The battle at the end of Avengers: Infinity War is in full swing. THANOS snaps his fingers. Half the universe disappears.

CUT TO: various survivors crying and panicked.
We will rebuild!

CUT TO: Thanos sitting on a park bench.

Well, that was fun. Now what?”

A vacation brochure blows on to his feet. He snaps his fingers!


CUT TO: various survivors. Half disappear.

What the hell?

CUT TO: Thanos is standing on on the curb with suitcases and snaps his fingers to flag down a taxi.

CUT TO: various survivors. Half disappear.

Aw come on!

CUT TO: Thanos is sitting on a beach lounger. He sees a waiter and snaps his fingers.

CUT TO: various survivors. Half disappear.

Are you effing serious?

CUT TO: Thanos is on a dance floor. He is snapping his fingers in time to the music.

CUT TO: various survivors. Half disappear. Then half more. Then another half and another. Defeated sighs.

CUT TO: a dance floor, Thanos is the only one left. He snaps his fingers one more time and the left side of his body disappears


He topples to the floor.

Comicones is Now an Official Star Trek Licensee

I received word from CBS and Teepublic yesterday that Comicones is now an official licensee of Star Trek. This brings my list of licenses to seven, including:

  • Star Trek (including all movies and TV series)
  • Jay and Silent Bob
  • Rick and Morty
  • Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons
  • Thunderbirds
  • Over The Garden Wall
  • UFO

More official licenses will announced in the coming months!

“God Just Wanted To Play Golf” Free Kindle Promotion

From November 8th through November 12th, “God Just Wanted To Play Golf” is available for free in the Kindle store.

As of 8:40 p.m. Friday evening, it is ranked 94 on Amazon’s top 100 Kindle horror books and ranked 2,770 Free in Kindle Store .

These are some great numbers. If you want to pick it up, please visit Amazon.

Your support is valued and appreciated.

Phoenix FearCon 2019

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting
Photo credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo
Photo credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo

After a series of misfires, mis-starts and a less-than honest publisher, “God Just Wanted To Play Golf” is now finally available and in a version I’m very happy with. Between September 2018 and June of this year, I’ve lost pretty much all of the momentum I’d picked up early last year. The publisher certainly set me back a bit. I’m not going to get into the gory details about who it was and what they did on a public post, but if you catch me in person, I may be open to chat about it.

But on saying that, I’m pleased to say that “God Just Wanted To Play Golf” has been re-released and this time it will take off. On the upside, I didn’t lose any of my Amazon reviews, so there is that. My first review from Librarything came in too. I’ve sent out dozens of review copies, so hopefully something sticks.

The relaunch at Phoenix FearCon this past weekend was a success. I was able to pitch the book and meet some new people. As I find my footing again I realize I need to make my booth look a little nicer. It was a little blah. Once the final poster for Dr. Saville’s Horror Show is complete, I’ll get some new banners made up. I’m deep into book two of the Oceanview saga and I’ve also started the first book in the “Shadow of the Sentinels” saga too. Hopefully I’ll have these out by the end of next year and I’ll have a couple more novels for the table.

So, in light of what has transpired in recent months, I’m facing the future with a sense of optimism. My writing and screenwriting are going well and people are paying attention. That’s all I can ask for.