Dr. Know, I Presume?

With all of the medical experts suddenly coming out of the woodwork, I can’t decide which doctorate holds more weight. Is it a Google MD, a Wikipedia MD, or WebMd MD? Was it a two-year degree? Four? Eight? Or about 90 seconds? Was there a graduation ceremony with the current COVID19 situation? Which school did they attend? The only school I can find with the online program is Dunning-Kruger University.

We Can’t Go Back To Normal

I keep reading how people want things to go back to normal. They shouldn’t and here’s why.

Normal is broken. Normal has a history soaked in blood and violence and division. Normal is sexist, racist, elitist, homophobic. Normal is hate. Normal is repression and prejudice. Normal is old beliefs and traditions that need to become things of days past. Normal is just because something wasn’t offensive decade’s ago, doesn’t mean that it isn’t now. Normal is being closed off to facts that can change your mind or alter your beliefs. Normal is denying the truth that you may be wrong. Normal is playing judge, jury and executioner.Normal is what brought us here to right now.

Going back to normal is the worst thing that could happen. Because what used to be considered normal is not, never was, and never should be normal. Hate and intolerance and oppression should have never been normalized. We need to accept that, and be better people moving forward.

Normal was not good enough. Normal should never have been good enough. So here we are at a moment in time where we can and should change normal.

Wishing You Well

I hope everyone is staying safe and well during these crazy times. As someone who has caught pneumonia the last three years, lung infections are not fun. Wash your hands, wear a mask and together we can beat this. Murdering store workers, assaulting parks rangers and marching on state buildings with rifles is not how we beat this. Be better than we were before, else this was all for nothing.

Robot Chicken – Sketch One: The Continuing Adventures of Thanos

One of my dreams is to write for Robot Chicken. And while I face a reality where that most likely won’t happen, please enjoy some of the skits I’ve written.

“The Continuing Adventures of Thanos”

The battle at the end of Avengers: Infinity War is in full swing. THANOS snaps his fingers. Half the universe disappears.

CUT TO: various survivors crying and panicked.
We will rebuild!

CUT TO: Thanos sitting on a park bench.

Well, that was fun. Now what?”

A vacation brochure blows on to his feet. He snaps his fingers!


CUT TO: various survivors. Half disappear.

What the hell?

CUT TO: Thanos is standing on on the curb with suitcases and snaps his fingers to flag down a taxi.

CUT TO: various survivors. Half disappear.

Aw come on!

CUT TO: Thanos is sitting on a beach lounger. He sees a waiter and snaps his fingers.

CUT TO: various survivors. Half disappear.

Are you effing serious?

CUT TO: Thanos is on a dance floor. He is snapping his fingers in time to the music.

CUT TO: various survivors. Half disappear. Then half more. Then another half and another. Defeated sighs.

CUT TO: a dance floor, Thanos is the only one left. He snaps his fingers one more time and the left side of his body disappears


He topples to the floor.