A Larger Sandbox

One of my earliest memories is walking out of The Regal Theatre auditorium, a single screen movie theatre in Stowmarket, England and into the lobby and seeing the place full of Star Wars action figures, vehicles and playsets, thanks to  Simpsons, our local toy store. I had just come out of the theatre after watching Star Wars (before it was known as “A New Hope”) I was six and it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.   Just like almost anyone born in the seventies, Star Wars played a huge part of my childhood, indeed my entire life. I consider myself very fortunate to have grown up when I did. I very clearly remember playing on the playground with the few figures I had. A childhood friend bought me a Luke Skywalker in X-Wing Pilot Gear action figure for my fifth birthday.  It was a love affair that has continued to this day.

I have sat through the original trilogy as a triple bill three times at movie theaters and seen each movie countless of times on individual viewings.  That doesn’t even count the hundreds of times I have watching them on tv, beta, VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, and Blu-ray. I was at the midnight showings of each of the prequels.  I get to take my daughter to the new trilogy that begins next year and I get to share my love with a whole new generation.

One of the topics I talk about a lot is inspiration. Star Wars is a huge inspiration for me.  George Lucas created an amazing sand box where dozens of authors and artists have gone to play. There are hundreds of books and comics that have helped broaden the world to amazing levels.  One of my long term career aspirations has been to be involved with Star Wars in one way or another.  Maybe one day, I will get to join some great talent in the sand box. I can’t think of no greater honor than to be able to leave my mark on a galaxy far, far away

May the force be with you


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