The Dreaded Rewrite

It’s been almost a year to the day that I wrote “The End” and finished up “Don’t Make Me Come Down There”.  Or at least I thought I had finished it.  A year later and I’m still no closer to finding an agent or publisher.  I’ve sent it out to multiple agents, a publisher or two and I’ve had a handful of people read it.  General feedback has been largely positive, but I’m getting a lot of rejection letters.  Most agents aren’t getting past the first ten pages and that is a problem.  If I were to be honest, the first two chapters are a tad wordy, so I think it’s time to jump back in and start a major revision. I’m still very happy with the characters and story-line, I think I just need to tighten it up.  119,000 words may be a tad excessive, so I’ve decided to also see what I can cut entirely.

I’ve never done a major rewrite before, so it is a little hard knowing where to cut and where to edit.  I’ve already changed the opening significantly.  I think it hits the ground running quite a bit faster and replaces a exposition chapter with a scene featuring one of the more colorful characters.  The opening of the book is the part that either grabs people’s attention or shuts them down.  My readers have liked it, but agents not so much.  So, back to the editing room and hopefully in a couple of months I’ll have even more polished version to put back out into the world.  

Elsewhere, I am preparing my presentations for Phoenix Comicon 2016 and Tera and I are knee deep in home improvement projects. The new house is coming together wonderfully.  The formal living room and dining room are finished. The granite arrives Friday and we are currently staining the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Things will be a little chaotic for a few more weeks, but it really feels like home now.  

Yours cheerfully and covered in paint,


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