The Other Side Of The Fence

I’ll be honest, I’ve downloaded movies and music in the past, but on saying that, I also buy a LOT of movies and music.  I support musicians, actors and directors I like and own thousands of Blu Rays, DVD’s, albums and CD’s.  My house is crammed full of media I have legally purchased.  So where am I going with this?  Well, today I found “The Comicon and Convention Survival Guide” available for download on a torrent site.  I’ve never had one of my books available on file trading before and I am torn.  The goal of the book was to give Comicon attendees an insider look on how to get the most out of their convention experience.  I was never supposed to make a million dollars from it.  But, being paid for my efforts is not an unreasonable expectation.  What sucks is only three people other than me have it digitally.  Unless someone has taken the time to rip the book apart, scan in the pages and save it as a PDF, which I highly doubt, someone in my inner circle shared it.  

The book has been downloaded over 4700 times in less than twenty four hours.  I’m flattered people are downloading it, but shit, I haven’t even remotely sold that many physical copies.  It might be time to rethink my strategy on how I distribute it.  I can’t fight it. I don’t have the lawyers on my side.  Time to join the digital revolution and hope that those given the choice to legally buy or illegally download will choose to buy.  

Yours with disappointment,


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