“God Just Wanted To Play Golf” rights returned

Due to some significant false advertising and hidden surprises, I am no longer represented by ***** **** ******* and my rights have been returned to me. Not for free, but I should not expect less from a pay to play publisher. I believe in my book and would rather go back to self publishing than pay a publisher to do nothing. I’ll get in back out to a better publisher.

I am not getting into too many details publicly yet, but I am horrified at the final edit of the book. No human at ***** **** ******* reviewed the book. I never received a physical proof for review, just a digital version I was unable to print out. They wanted a 360 page book reviewed in less than a week from a laptop. I work full time, have family and other responsibilities. I understand a smaller publisher can’t review and edit for plot holes etc, but christ, I’m paying you 80% of my royalties, the least you do is have someone fix typos. Buried in the legal text is this little nugget, “The author grants the final approval for this literary material”. Translation, we ain’t editing or reviewing shit. That’s all on the author.

I am working on getting the book republished with a better edit. If you have purchased or received a copy from ***** **** ******* in the last 6 weeks, please reach out to me and I will replace it free of charge once the new edition is released next month. I do not want that version to be an indication of my work.


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