Comicones – The World Of Pop Culture From A New Perspective

So why “Comicones”?

The idea of “Comicones”came from the ideal of equality. We live in an age of

repression. People are judged and ostracized for their gender, their race, their choice of or lack of religion, their sexual preference, their political stance, their age and their appearance. But beneath all of that, we are the same. We’re all made of the same organic structure. We all think and feel and love. In our purest form we are made of the same building blocks

“Comicones” is a celebration of equality, but also of uniqueness. At the heart of every Comicone is a cone and every cone is the same. The cone represents our skin and bones, our organs and muscles, our building blocks at their most basic. It’s the details that make us unique.

Every character starts as a cone. Some become heroes, some superheroes, some villains. Other’s become princesses, while others become Timelords. Some Cones are “Weird”, while others are “Thrilling”. There are demons, sheriffs, dancer’s and bounty hunters. Each one the same, but at the same time, unique.

Come celebrate the world of equality and individuality with “Comicones”.

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